Forward Boulder is a community alliance that seeks to move beyond divisive politics to address the challenges of public safety, housing and growth, and climate change.

Forward Boulder knows we are better together.

Steve Rosenblum, Michael Christy, Tara Winer, Mark Wallach

Thank you to Michael Christy, Steve Rosenblum, Mark Wallach and Tara Winer for your hard work on the campaign trail. Congratulations to Mark and Tara. We look forward to your thoughtful, balanced, inclusive voices on City Council.

Thank you to Michael Christy and Steve Rosenblum who brought experience, intellect, and open-mindedness to the campaign trail.

In a toxic political environment, Forward Boulder’s slate campaigned with honor, humor, and respect for each other, other candidates and, most importantly, for Boulder voters.

Thank you!

Public Health + Safety

Public health and safety are interwoven with all city issues; going deeper than crime prevention and clean spaces. We need leaders who understand, prioritize, and take action on public health and safety.

Housing + Growth

If we grow wisely, Boulder can evolve without losing what makes our town unique.

Climate + Open Space

Climate Change and Open Space will define Boulder’s future. We need leaders who can meet Boulder’s ambitious climate goals and preserve Open Space.

Forward Boulder supports a multitude of voices

Please share yours with us. Thank you!